Custom Logo Design

Create a Lasting Brand for your Business!

For most companies, a logo is the first opportunity that you have to connect with a potential customer. A simple logo is one that just says who you are and maybe what you do. A great logo is one that sets you apart from your competition and communicates your business vision and values.

We work with you closely from start to finish throughout the design process to learn more about your company and to help you figure out the image you want to project to your customers. We will make sure that your finalized logo can be used for large format printing such as banners and storefront signs, to paper printing such as business cards and brochures!

Logo Design FAQs

Some of the most commonly asked questions regarding custom logos.

While you might have an idea of what you want your logo to look like, you first need to think about all of the items that you may need for your new business. Some products like carbonless forms and promotional products can become exponentially more expensive when you have the need to print them in full color.

If you decide to get some single-color decals later on down the road, how will that full color logo look when it’s simplified to just one color? Your logo just might look great on a vehicle wrap or a large banner but it may not look correct when printed on a business card. These are all things to think about, and things we can assist you with, when you work with us on your logo design project.

At Signature Signs & Graphics, we are 100% against spec (speculative) work. We believe that it is unethical to ask our design team and by extension, our company, to submit design works in the hopes of getting paid. After all, you wouldn’t ask a contractor to build you a patio or a pool “just to see if you’ll like it” before paying for it.

Absolutely not. You may have heard that as long as you change the artwork by a factor of 10%, you will be “safe” as far as copyright law is concerned. The truth is that copyright law is so complicated and subjective that there’s no way anyone could argue what a 10% change in a particular logo is, regardless of if you met this imaginary threshold or not. At Signature Signs & Graphics, we pride ourselves in creating unique and meaningful logos for our customers.

The answer to this question is a bit more complicated than you might think. Sometimes, it works best to identify a key emotional message that you want to communicate with your logo and choose a color to correspond. Sometimes it helps to be unique. Just because you’re in the lawn care business, does not necessarily mean you need to go with green. In the same token, just because you feel “patriotic”, does not mean you need to have red, white and blue in your logo.

You will have the final say in the colors used in your logo, but we will provide our professional input throughout every step of the design process.

We can use whatever fonts you want, however, it’s important to keep in mind that fonts can evoke emotion in the same way that colors can. Each font has its own personality that may or may not suit your business properly. For example, a font similar to Comic Sans might work for a childcare company but not an electrical contractor.

Absolutely. When you pick up your finalized logo flash drive, we will also give you a copyright transfer form to sign. This form simply says that we are transferring all claims to copyrights over this logo to you. We may still showcase your logo in our portfolio and any other promotional materials.

You would be responsible for submitting your logo to the U.S. Copyright Office for further legal protection. There are numerous online services that will offer to take care of this for you. Make sure you fully research the company before starting this process.

When we design a logo for you, we provide almost any file type that you will ever need. This includes JPEG and PNG files that you can use on social media and your website, but also files that you can import into any desktop publishing software such as Microsoft Word or Publisher.

You will also receive vector-based files that can be used for any types of printing and large format purposes such as business cards, carbonless forms, screen printing, vehicle wraps and even billboards!

p>Unfortunately due to licensing, we cannot send you font files. Almost all fonts, like computer software, are protected by intellectual property laws. Whenever we purchase a font for our use, we are given a set of guidelines to follow, usually in the form of a license agreement. This agreement allows us to use the font, but forbids us from distributing the font to anybody else.

YCompanies have been hit before with lawsuits after illegally distributing font files, sometimes in the low six-figure range. We are more than happy to tell you the name of the font, but we simply cannot give it out.

< p>Of course! We do our best to make sure that our files are backed up properly off-site so that we never lose valuable files. Replacement flash drives are available at a cost of $5 each