Perfect for Indoor Display

Foamboard and ultraboard are excellent, affordable methods of printing high quality, vibrant images for multiple uses and can be printed on one or both sides. Our most common size is 3/16″ thick but 1/2″ and 1″ thick substrates are available as well.

These types of prints are ideal for indoor displaying for your office, churches, tradeshow event booths, or even mounted to a wall as display art.

Foamboard vs Ultraboard

People are probably more familiar with foamboard, it’s an extremely lightweight substrate with a paper coating on both sides. While it is a substantially cheaper material, it does have drawbacks. The most prominent of which is its durability. Foamboard is quite fragile and can be dented or damaged very easily.
Ultraboard, also known as Gatorboard, is much sturdier. It has a similar foam core but has a thin plastic coating on both sides. This allows ultraboard prints to take a bit more abuse. It is still a fragile product and can be damaged if dropped.


Q: Can I print on both sides of my sign?
A: Of course! We have the ability to print on both sides at a slightly additional cost.
Q: Can I write on my foam board signs?
A: Yes – for best effect, we recommend you use a permanent marker.
Q: Can I get circular foam signs? How about custom shapes?
A: We can custom route ultraboard prints at an additional cost. We don’t recommend custom shapes for foamboard.
Q: Can I use foamboard signs outside?
A: Outdoor use is not recommended for foam or ultraboard prints. They are extremely lightweight and not water-resistant.
Q: Can I affix foam prints to a wall?
A: Of course! Simple foam adhesive tape or 3M Command strips are recommended for adhering these prints to a wall.
Q: How quickly can I get my foamboards?
A: Our typical turnaround time for foamboard/ultraboard prints is approximately 3-5 business days. For non-standard thicknesses, please allow for an increased turnaround time.