LED Message Centers

Setting a New Standard in LED Displays!

Don’t choose just any LED sign

The Blade System was designed with one goal in mind: create a spectacular programmable LED display packed with features that was affordable, simple to install, and effortless to use. Increase the return on your investment without sacrificing quality.

The Blade System exceeds the quality of any high-priced LED display system on the market with a cost efficient, high value solution for any company or organization. The LED panel features a system health indicator which can be monitored remotely and the frame is powder coated making it the most durable display available.


LED Displays Simplified

Manage your display from any device, anywhere!
No monthly fee. No application to install.

Other LED sign manufacturers pre-build their “Cabinet Style” LED signs at a factory off-site and ship it as one single unit. The cases do nothing to protect the delicate circuitry from the elements. If their sign breaks or malfunctions, repairs will be a nightmare. All components of a Cirrus LED system are completely sealed which makes them weatherproof.

The patented modular frame technology allows us to create any custom size LED display your project requires and reduces lead time from months (the industry standard) to less than few weeks. What if you want to increase the size later on? We simply bolt on the additional frames, install the new LED panels and reconfigure the software.


Web-Based Content Management

Manage your display from any device, anywhere!
No monthly fee. No application to install.

With the LED Cloud system, there’s no need to install complicated or hard to use proprietary software to update your LED sign. Simply log in from any device, anywhere in the world. The LED Cloud system is compatible with all devices and operating systems including Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad and Android.

A user-friendly interface that allows you to effortlessly produce professional quality images and video, easily create and order schedules, add offline playlists, and update your messages. This gives your business the flexibility it needs to make your LED display system work for you without the need for complicated design programs. All updates to the cloud-based software will be automatically installed and will always be free for life!


Warranty & Unlimited Support

Includes remote diagnostics & troubleshooting tools.
No need to wait for a technician.

Every LED display system comes with a five year limited part swap warranty on all parts and components. If you have any problems with a panel, we simply unlock the panel and replace it. We also provide service, support, and unlimited software upgrades for the lifespan of all LED display systems.


Save Thousands of Dollars a Year

Energy efficient design.
Saves an average of 49% on your energy bill!

Many businesses don’t take electricity use into consideration when purchasing an LED sign. To show how much our LED displays can save you, we did the math and calculated the max energy use of a 2×6 ft full-color sign versus the average from our competitors.

LED Displays from other manufacturers had an average electricity cost of $1,149.91 for a one year period. Our LED display system had an electricity cost of only $568.73 for the same time period. Over a 10-year period, our display system would save you over $5,800 in electricity costs alone!

*LED signs don’t normally run MAX power continuously. Cost per kWh based on U.S. national average of $0.12.